Bring the energy and vibrancy of a live performance painting to your next event and capture the essence of the moment forever.

Live painting is a form of visual performance art that adds a uniquely interactive experience where attendees watch and interact with the artist as he creates a painting during and/or of the event. Whether you are looking for a spontaneous abstraction inspired by live music, a reflection of a newly wedded couple, social networking, or a corporate event, or a charity bidding on the piece at the event itself, J. Pierre is the perfect painter to capture the moment.


Beginning at the start of the event, J. Pierre develops his piece in time with your schedule so you have something authentic and memorable to take with you at the end. Coordinate a one - of - a - kind live painting performance today!

Previous Hosts:


" At live performance painting for musical events, I feel like the paint brush is my drum stick. For weddings and corporate events, guests get to watch a real artistic process in action and the hosts get to leave with heartfelt memories and a tangible reminder of them to enjoy for lifetime."

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